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Dogs in 2003 Winter Storm

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8 February 2003

1-Dog paws in the snow-8feb03
1-Paw prints in the snow-8feb03.

2-Qwill and Sam lick snow-8feb03
2-Qwill and Sam lick snow-8feb03.

3-Qwill coming in from the snow-8feb03
3-Qwill coming in from the snow-8feb03.

4-Qwill licking snow-8feb03
4-Qwill licking snow-8feb03.


5-Sam licks snow-8feb03
5-Sam licks snow-8feb03.

6-Melancholy Sam-8feb03
6-Melancholy Sam-8feb03.


17 February 2003


1-It snowed!-17feb03
1-It snowed!-17feb03.

2-Buried Miata and driveway-17feb03
2-Buried Miata and driveway-17feb03.


3-Buried miata closeup-17feb03
3-Buried miata closeup-17feb03.

4-Wind Blown Miata-17feb03
4-Wind Blown Miata-17feb03.








9-Kathy McCall's car-17feb03
9-Kathy McCall's car-17feb03.

10-Two neighbors' driveways-17feb03
10-Two neighbors' driveways-17feb03.


11-Mr. Isaacs shovels porch-17feb03
11-Mr. Isaacs shovels porch-17feb03.

12-Dennis shoveling in back-17feb03
12-Dennis shoveling in back-17feb03.


13-Dennis shoveling tabletop-17feb03
13-Dennis shoveling tabletop-17feb03.

14-Don't you want to play-17feb03
14-Don't you want to play-17feb03.


15-Qwill and Sam spar-17feb03
15-Qwill and Sam spar-17feb03.

16-Qwill and snow shoes-17feb03
16-Qwill and snow shoes-17feb03.


17-Qwill barking-17feb03
17-Qwill barking-17feb03.

18-Qwill contented-17feb03
18-Qwill contented-17feb03.


19-Qwill caught eating snow-17feb03
19-Qwill caught eating snow-17feb03.

20-Qwill eats snow-17feb03
20-Qwill eats snow-17feb03.


21-Qwill in snow-17feb03
21-Qwill in snow-17feb03.

22-Qwill licking nose-17feb03
22-Qwill licking nose-17feb03.


23-Qwill looks at me-17feb03
23-Qwill looks at me-17feb03.

24-Something over there?


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